The Complete Package in a Dental Centre
February 3, 2017
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Aesthetic Dentistry

At the Century Dental Centre we offer the following whitening treatments:

At Home Whitening Kit

This is a two visit procedure. On the first visit we explain the procedure, pictures of the teeth are taken. A mould of the upper and lower teeth is made to be poured into stone models by the laboratory. Upper and lower trays are constructed. On the second visit the patient collects the trays plus a 2 week supply of the teeth whitening agent. The trays are worn at night for 14 days when the patient will return for a follow up visit. Pictures are taken and compared to the first visit. If the teeth still need to be whiter, the procedure is repeated.

In office Whitening

We offer 2 different procedures A single visit whitening treatment (45min in office) This is our quickest and easiest treatment for an instant new smile. You simply need to call and schedule an appointment for 45min. You can sit in the dental chair and relax while we apply the bleach to your teeth. Your mouth will be kept open with the help of two dental blocks so your jaw can rest. After your session your teeth will be a brighter white.
A dual+ visit whitening treatment (30min in office) For those patients with sensitive teeth who still want a brighter white smile we have just the treatment for you. Your first visit will include “BEFORE” photographs and moulds of your teeth which we will send to the lab. Your next visit will involve a medium strength whitening agent application to your teeth for30min. You will then wear the CLEAR trays to protect the whitening agent for an additional 4 hours. You may repeat this treatment for up to three times to achieve your desired result.