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July 25, 2016
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The Complete Package in a Dental Centre

Every one of us has to go to a dentist at least once in our lifetime to maintain good dental health. Teeth are an important part of our biology that we cannot live without, so we need to not only take good care of them, but also trust a good doctor to provide us with valuable advice and treatment to help us maintain our lifestyles.

Unfortunately, there are many dental centres that don’t have the convenience of offering particular procedures, such as orthodontics, alongside their general dentist office. This causes us to look elsewhere to get the treatment we require. This leads to more expenditures, more paperwork, more driving, and all-in-all a hassle to keep our teeth healthy and provide ourselves and our loved ones with good dental facilities and care.

There are a lot of dentists in Cape Town for us, as clients, to choose from. We look for doctors and centres that can provide us with all the necessary treatments, preferably in one place to avoid extra driving. Unfortunately, we can rarely find centres that have a dentist office, orthodontics, dental implant procedures, etc. all in one location.

To save you the hassle of researching, I can provide you with one centre where they do offer not only all of the above mentioned treatments, but also are located in a convenient central location.

Century Dental Centre provides their clients with teeth whitening services, general dental check-ups, orthodontic services and dental implants and many more specialized services to accommodate patients of every age and every dental emergency.

Their highly trained team of doctors and nurses are prepared to treat patients with the utmost care, patience and delicate attitude that they feel their patients deserve. Especially when treating children, the doctors show patience towards their fears, and accommodate them by talking them through the treatment. The doctors and nurses are knowledgeable, and try to pass what they know on to their patients in order to help them maintain good dental hygiene and prevent infections or other dental illnesses.

Not only does Century Dental Centre provide a high quality service to their patients, but they prioritize their health and well-being. Century Dental Centre make themselves more accessible to patients by providing them with numerous payment options, such as medical aid schemes, debit and credit card facilities to help their clients receive the necessary treatment without worrying about payment options.  Century Dental Centre also conglomerates with MediFin, which helps pay for numerous expensive procedures, in cases where the client cannot afford it.

The patient’s dental health is important to Century Dental Centre, so they will go to great lengths to ensure that the client can receive the treatment they need, and be supported throughout the whole process. Their optimism really shows through their high standards of education and quality of work, leaving the clients happy and returning to them.

That is what we’re, as potential patients, are looking for- a dental centre and a doctor who is both reliable and knowledgeable, one who can provide a range of treatments to the highest quality, whilst still being patient and considerate towards our loved ones, old or young, and to our budget.

Century Dental Centre

‘giving you the opportunity to have the medical procedure you have always wanted, when you want it’