Dentures and Bridges

At our Dental Centre we use Dentures and Bridges to close the gaps created by missing or extracted teeth. Our two options are bridges and dentures. When combined with dental implants these two treatment options are the best method of creating a full set of perfect teeth. The denture is a removable prosthesis (also called “False Teeth”) that can be made in either plastic or metal depending on your budget. The improvement with metal dentures is that the plate covering the palate can be reduced to improve on taste and decrease bulk. This makes it easier for the patient to speak and eat as well as get used to the denture quicker. Bridges are Porcelain Teeth which are cemented on both sides of a gap onto natural teeth similarly to crowns. They cap the teeth on either side of the gap while providing teeth to close the gap like a bridge over water. Bridges remain in the mouth permanently and do not need to be removed at night for cleaning!