Paediatric Dentistry

This is the branch of dentistry that deals with the care and management of children in the dental surgery. At the Century Dental Centre we aim to make dental treatment as fun and relaxed as possible for our patients. Our main aim is to prevent tooth decay through educating patients on oral hygiene for their children. We feel that children should have their first appointment from age three or four simply to assess the oral hygiene of the child and we will advise our patients on how to proceed. Our first visit will involve introducing the child to the surgery and making them feel comfortable with the tools that we use. It is important to seal the fissures of the child’s baby teeth to prevent future decay.

Sports in Paediatric Dentistry

At the Century Dental Centre we recommend that children playing any contact sports like rugby, soccer and martial arts protect their teeth from trauma by wearing a mouth guard at all times during the sport. This is a two visit treatment which will prevent them from sustaining injuries such as fractured teeth as well as teeth being knocked out.