Root Canal Treatment

At the Century Dental Centre we encourage patients to at all times do their best to save their natural teeth! We prefer to leave extractions as a last choice. A root canal treatment involves the removal of the nerve from the bottom part of the tooth that is not visible in the mouth. It is only necessary once the decay has moved very deep into the tooth. You will be anaesthetized for this procedure. You will not feel pain during the procedure. Medication will be prescribed after and the entire treatment is pain free! Root canal treatment involves a removal of the nerve on the 1st visit, a week of healing with medication and a 2nd visit in which, if there is no tenderness, sealing off the root canal with a filling material and placing a permanent filling into the tooth itself. If there is still some tenderness, the tooth is anaesthetized, the temporary filling is removed and the canals are cleaned again and left to heal for a few more days then sealed.

Symptoms of root canal treatment:

• Throbbing pain in the tooth and general area of the tooth.
• Pain radiating into the neck and ear on the side of the jaw of the offending tooth
• Pain that wakes you up at night?
• Hypersensitivity to hot or cold stimuli with regards to offending tooth.