Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD is a collective term used to describe the dysfunction of the muscles that control movement of the mandible. The dysfunction is as a result of overuse of the muscles, infection and inflammation caused by impacted wisdom teeth, malocclusions of the teeth, parafunctional habits like bruxism (teeth grinding) and stress related clenching of the jaws as well as a range of other issues. At the Century Dental Centre we provide multiple treatments for this condition. An initial examination will determine the cause of the TMD and we treat according to the cause. One of the more common treatments is the use of a protective soft/hard bite splint that covers the upper teeth providing a thin section of strong plastic to separate the upper teeth from the lowers. It is worn while the patient sleeps to relieve the jaws of tension created during clenching and bruxism. Other treatments involve medication as well as physio-therapeutic massages of the involved muscles.